Send 500 Emails Per Day Easily

Step 1: Register a domain (do not use your main website domain, you can forward this new domain to your main website if you’d like)

Registering a Domain: they have domains ranging from $1-5/year, avoid .xyz they like to send warning emails and can block your domain faster than other extension.

Let domain sit for 5-7 days without sending emails, new registrations are automatically blacklisted.

Step 2: Get Google Workspace account (preferably 2+)

Get Google Workspace account (formerly known as GSuite), preferably 2+ accounts: $6/month

GSuite is used because Google has good IPs and allows you to send a lot after warming up. Amazon SES is a cheaper alternative that has an excellent free tier but has its drawbacks.

Step 3: Connect domain and create email with Google Workspace.

Advanced DNS at NameCheap is needed to connect the domain to the Google Workspace.

Step 4: Purchase a mailer that connects to Google Workspace, if the mailer has a warmup feature start warmup.

Mailing programs: looks like they also have a lifetime deal active, this one also includes email verification (cleaning) and warming prior to sending

Step 5: Purchase VPS and initial setup/updates (optional but highly recommended, can use any Windows computer).
Requirement: Windows computer or Windows VPS:

These are cheap VPS’s that may not have the best support. (includes Windows trial, instructions on how to use for 3 years below) $89/year (includes Windows) $20/month (Windows not included, you have to install yourself) $9/month (Windows not included, you have to install yourself) $9/month

You can get away with 4GB RAM on the VPS but I prefer 8GB (prices are for 8GB RAM VPS).

If using Windows VPS and provider doesn’t include it, install Windows Server (this is the ISO image for Windows Server 2022 with VirtIO Drivers): this is the evaluation version, the trial has to be extended every 6 months, extensions work for up to 3 years but have to be done every 6 months to not lose features.
To extend the trial go to Search > type in PowerShell > Click Run as Administrator > Paste slmgr -rearm > Restart.

Step 6: For local use map radius tool to find city and state names around your specified radius.

Step 7: Purchase ScrapeBox and install.

Scrapebox: order here for $67
This is a one time fee, no monthly.

Step 8: Purchase Yellow Pages Plugin for ScrapeBox and install.
Scrapebox Yellow Pages Plugin: This is ordered inside of ScrapeBox and costs $37, one time fee.

Step 9: Buy proxies (preferably rotating proxies).

Step 10: Start scraping.

Step 11: Verify/Clean emails.

Clean Emails (this is mandatory or you will kill your domain and GSuite account quickly): 20 cents per thousand emails (it’s $10 for the initial deposit and that lasts for a long time if you don’t use it a lot) this is the recommended one.

Email List Validation is the backup one (you can get the lifetime deal here, usually the $59 plan is good for most needs that gives you 1,000,000 email verification credits per year for life).

Scrapebox does have an email verifier (it can be ordered the same way as the Yellow Pages Plugin $47 one-time). It works okay but your host or your internet service provider may have a problem with it. I’ve gotten warnings from a couple of hosts to stop using it or risk an account banning. Some hosts are not so nice and can just ban straight away.

Step 12: Setup email campaign and start sending.
Setting Up Mailshake Campaign (steps vary depending on mailer used).

The most time consuming steps are one time. Once setup a scrape, clean and send should take about 15 minutes of active work. You'll want to watch the videos prior to attempting the initial setup to get an idea for the process.