No fancy salespage here.  This is a zero fluff offer with tons of valuable and actionable content.  No upsells or monthly fees, just to get that part out of the way in case you’re expecting it.

Looking for help on how to start or make your web design/SEO agency better in general?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Need to think of new services to offer or how to generate new clients?  We got you covered.

The online/local digital marketing agency mastermind. Get started on your online agency today! Learn how others are making money.

I decided to put together some of the years of information that I’ve gathered through experience of selling websites, SEO, reputation management, emailing and other online marketing services and put it on here.  What you are getting is information on how to get started, common mistakes and just all around great information that can save you a boatload of cash, agony and I’m sure you’ll learn more than a thing or two.

First we have what I call The 4 Steps.

Step 1: Make a website.
Step 2: Market your services.
Step 3: Sell your services.
Step 4: Fulfill your services.

Sounds easy right?  It’s not.  There is a lot of work involved in between each step.  Luckily we’ve included great tips and information to get you started.

This isn’t just newbie information.  There are parts that can help with your business at any stage.

Learn how to do this on the slimmest budget. Literally $10-15 spent and you have your site online…yes you do have to do some work…actually to be successful it’s a lot of work.

With a couple of hundred dollars you can start a legitimate full-fledged business.  None of that money goes to me by the way, they are just expenses that come up.

Find out how I earn $100+ an hour for work that I complete myself.

There’s even more within The 4 Steps but that’s just part one of what I’m offering.

You will also find tutorials, methods and tons of other actionable information.  That’s right it doesn’t end at The 4 Steps.  This membership is jam packed with ideas that you can start using today.

I honestly believe this is the best bang for your buck offer you will find online for this type of information.

Here’s a little more of what’s included:

A LinkedIn method that one of our members used to make thousands of dollars per client. Bonus: This can also be a business opportunity. You make the sales, someone else does the fulfillment.

$100’s of dollars in free ad credits.

Creating multiple personas – tips to stay under the radar for generating qualified leads.

How to get free and paid trials that can last forever.

A new service that you can offer and get your foot in the door to upsell your other services, this involves a camera.

How to contact millions of businesses easily and efficiently (HINT: contact forms).  This is a secret that no one wants you to know.  You can find fragments and pieces of this throughout the internet but I’ve never seen everything put together in one place until now.  This alone can help you find tons of new clients.

Start a social media posting service, for little to no money you will learn what type of content to use, where to get the content, how to efficiently post the content.  This is another standalone business that you can start with little to no experience.

Get all of the leads you’ll ever need.  I show you how to “scrape” leads, what software/programs you can use.  You’ll have thousands of leads that you can contact before you know it.

There is a lot more information in here than just that and the site keeps growing.  That means tomorrow your membership could be more valuable than the day you bought it.  There aren’t many offers out there like that.  Most times you buy a product and the product creator abandons it as soon as the payment clears.  There are no updates, no more information, you can’t get continuous help.  This offer is different and I’ll tell you why.

Premium Skype group membership (this is where the value gets even bigger). This is a group of like-minded individuals. Most of us in the group have been in it for a few years and have been selling online and local services for many more years.  Because this is behind closed doors you get information, tips and tricks that you won’t find in many other places.  You are getting a wealth of knowledge in this group that you can’t put a price on.

30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

If you don’t like what you see after purchasing, no problem.  You have 30 days to ask for your money back.  I’ll probably ask you why you want it back, but you can have it.  So far no one has taken me up on this offer.

There is no hand holding here. You ask questions, many times someone will have an answer or direct you to the answer. You have to do the work yourself. This is not a business in a box, but who knows?  Maybe it will turn into one over time. What this is, is an opportunity to talk to and possibly work with other great online marketers plus you get a boatload of information learned over many years through trial and error. 

Just one tip or new method can save you or make you thousands of dollars per year.

Need a website made? SEO done for you? Anything else? This is a group full of these types of people. This is the best place to find what you’re looking for and at a non-marked up price.

Don’t spend money on every product/launch that you see. Get the dirt first and see if it’s worth it.

No “gurus” here just other people like you in the trenches, that get the job done.

Don’t let the price below fool you.  You are getting an incredible value that you won’t get anywhere else.  This was purposely made a website instead of an ebook because this site (and group that comes with it) continues to grow and more actionable information keeps getting added.  Tomorrow I may decide to change the price or close membership completely (especially if the group deems the quality of new members low).  The more content that I add to the site the higher the price goes.  I already have new content planned and will be adding it soon.

Get in now before it’s too late.

I almost forgot the best part.  The price.  It’s only $12 to get everything listed above.

That’s right, this isn’t a bait and switch offer.  There are no upsells here and no monthly fees.